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Sunday, 25 November 2012


Official news: I am slowly becoming a mumsy mum.
It's freaking me out how much I love grocery shopping. Online of course. We monthly shop, and I just love comparing food's health factors and prices. I love organising and putting away the massive delivery and I love when the fridge and the cupboards are full.
I'm kind of obsessed with cooking and baking lately too. Wish I had more time and creativity on the cooking front though, so it's mainly baking for me. I'm bare thankful for Lee of subscribing me for a cake decorating magazine, just for fun. He got me hooked, and, to be fair, he comes out of the situation nicely too, with cakes on a regular basis.

I'm getting into the Christmas vibe. Not quite there yet, but very close. I put the lights up already, in the living room and Lileeva's room. The Christmas air-fresheners and scented candles are out too, and I'm planning our seasonal dinner and sweets. I'm more worried about the main course than the cakes really.
I'll be making 'Christmas soup', gammon and sausages. My family traditionally eats them with home baked bread, but I think I'll get Lee to make roast potatoes instead. If it doesn't come out quite as I expect, from next year I'll be making traditional töltött káposzta for our Hungarian Christmas.
As of sweets, there's going to be a lot. My parents are sending out some szaloncukor which will be put on our tree, just like in my childhood. I'll be also making chocolate cookies and will hang them up too as edible decorations. I'll be buying mézes puszedli (spiced honey rolls) in the nearby Russian shop, and I'm determined to make coconut balls, bejgli and maybe habcsók for the tree perhaps. These, and of course Christmas themed cupcakes.
And, hopefully, this year we will make it to Winter Wonderland as well, finally! Last year Lileeva was too young, I was just getting her in the routine (Nightmare!) plus taking out a bottle fed baby is always tricky. This time hopefully she can enjoy the bright lights and smells and we can have a nice, festive family outing.

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