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Saturday, 14 January 2012


So it was a lucky Friday the 13th and happy second month to Lileeva yesterday.
Laura came over early afternoon for some cuddles, then I took her out to the park then to Lee's parents.
That's about it really, nothing special going on.
Lileeva isn't any longer in the newborn nappies, they got swapped to small ones, just as the disposable ones, just using the last of size 1's and there they come the size 2's.
She has a cradle cap situation going on lately but we didn't buy any special shampoos cause Lee's mum told us it didn't make any difference on Alfie's head but oil. So that's what we are using and seems to be working.
Feedings are still pain in the bums, she eats less than she supposed to and takes forever to drink her bottle. Usually about an hour but the last, night time one can take up to two hours! Probably the wind builds up throughout the day (I try to burp her every time, not even once during a bottle.) and it causes her belly aches, but comparing how she was before it's still alright. I mean, least she's not on pain all day, just once a day, for a little while, if that.
She's a bit moany nowadays cause I think she's got the cold. Little coughs and sneezes, and even been sick a couple of times after feedings the past days. Still, ain't too worried, she's a strong little pea and will be fine soon.

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