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Friday, 20 January 2012


I could capture a cheeky smile too! Yay!

Unfortunately Lileeva is still ill. Lee said it has probably something to do with the BCG, apparently it makes babies ill, I absolutely forgot that the doctor mentioned this. Anyways, we had her first immunisations done on Wednesday and the nurse said it's better not to give medication for her cold unless it's really necessary, cause this way her immune system is getting stronger, fighting by itself.
Getting them couple of injections the other day didn't go down too well. Two massive needles, one in each thigh, and have to admit looked very painful. Half of the needles have disappeared in her little legs, through the muscles, I think they went right close to the bones. Not nice. She was a brave girl though, obviously cried (Wouldn't you, really?!) but fell asleep after. Her thighs are still swollen up a bit, but by the look of it she already forgot about the needles. Have to repeat it in 4, then 8 weeks time. Boo.
Apparently in the UK there is an option, and if I didn't want her to have these injections I don't have to take her, but we are talking about London... So many dodgy immigrants (Why hello there!), bringing in diseases, no thanks.
This not eating thing worries me a little, she's roughly having 600ml daily instead of 900ml. I know she's little (Neither me or Lee are tall or super chunky.) but if it won't be changing until our next appointment with the GP, I will mention it and ask for advice. Hopefully it's only cause of the illness though.
I became a bit more confident in parenting but since she's got the cold and being a little moody I hear her crying all the time. I know she is asleep, I can see her through the window when I'm out for a fag, but my mind is playing games with me. It'll surely go away again as soon as she gets better. I hope.

We came out first of the bidding last week again! The council said I can keep bidding but to be put on the shortlist and to be contacted (By letter... Hello, what century is this?!) can take up to 3 weeks. Anyways, I just called them, it has apparently been sorted in the system yesterday and the letter is on the way with all the information. If still no news til the end of next week I'm going to have to bug them...
Weird though, last night I had a dream about getting a flat. Hmm...

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