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Friday, 20 January 2012


My pregnant friend has found out the other day that she's having a girl!
I already packed a bag for her with newborn stuffs which are small for Lileeva. We were going to keep them, but most of them were presents from other people and we won't anyway be needing them in the close future, so we aren't at the end playing tight haha! Only packed the pink ones though as we figured it's good to have some on stock (You never know, right?!) and kept the unisex, white and colorful grows.

I miss being pregnant so much!
If I knew we would be fine -mostly money wise- I would want to have another one already. The age difference wouldn't be big and if the next one would be a boy we would be 'done'. Anyways, Lee said he doesn't want to have another baby just now, maybe in 4-5 years time, when Lileeva will be more independent and can take care of herself on a way. Makes sense really, but aww! He also said we probably will be constantly having girls in the future cause 'God' wants him to be surrounded by women haha!
Watching a program of a family having 15 kids didn't help either. Meh! I was even thinking of girl names (Scarlett is quite nice in my opinion...), even though we kind of hope Lileeva will one day have a little brother.
Ah fuck it. One day...

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