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Saturday, 14 January 2012


I know it's still early, but we were talking about when to start to feed Lileeva solids.
My midwife said it can wait until the 5th-6th month, Lee's mum said we can introduce them around 3 months...
So I had a look up (Google still is my best friend in parenting wise.) and the main things are to look out for:
- Baby to at least double her birth weight
- Sitting up pretty much by herself comfortably
- Eyeing adults' foods
Lileeva already does the latest haha!
I reckon we will start with jarred solids, cause whenever she is ready it still won't be the time for fresh fruits, also the moving is ahead us too (Sooner or later.) so that will be easier. I do want to make her purees myself though during the summer and this site seems to be brilliant for recipes and advices.
I can't wait for her to mess around with it, bet we all be covered with baby food during each feed.

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