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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Last week was hell itself!
As I said Monday and Tuesday I kind of made her stay awake more during the day and tried to have her sleeping the night.
Wednesday was a night to try and have her sleep alone in her Moses basket again. It was the worst night we had so far. She had none of it! She was screaming pretty much all night, no matter what I tried. I fed and changed her, walked with her, sat with her, sang to her, made her fall asleep in my arms then put her down, and at the end was trying to use the most disgusting, 'leave her to cry herself asleep' method. None of these worked and I felt the worst mum on earth.
On Thursday we changed formula for 'Comfort' and made her drink 120ml and only fed her in every 4 hours, no matter she was screaming in between. She got used to us feeding her with whatever little amount at whatever time she was crying for food and it had to change.
And miracle! By the weekend, to be precise by Christmas Eve, she got the hang of all of it! I like to think this was our Christmas present from her.
Now she eats at 06am, awake for an hour or so then nods off, then awake from 10am til 06pm with eating at 02pm as well. I have to wake her at 10pm for a bath and her dinner, then I can put her in her basket, carry her upstairs in the bedroom then wake up for a 02am feeding then sleep again til 06am. All together it's a good 6 hours sleep for me a day. In a bed! Joy!
About to make her formula up to 150ml a feed, that's the recommended for her age, and seems like she needs it as well. The dream feed thing didn't work out, but might've just tried it in a wrong time. Either way, I rather not confuse her with it just now.
She does scream a lot, pretty much all day between 11am and 06pm, I reckon it's her little belly playing up, but we can not possibly do anything else about it. New formula, Infacol before feedings, Gripe Water when she screams, and will try her in the bigger reusable nappies tomorrow so it's more comfortable for her around the stomach. Hope she will grow out of this windiness soon. Most babies do though, around 3-4 months.
I hate seeing her in pain, and not to be able to help her. And, of course, her screaming fits drive me mad. This makes me grab her a bit harder every now and then and this makes me feel even worse. I don't want her to think we don't love her or something like that. Poor thing.
Both me and Lee hit the rock bottom last week, but at the end I'm really proud. I'm proud of her learning so quick, an entire new routine in a week from a 5 week old is remarkable in my opinion. And yes, I'm proud of myself as well, cause having to be strict against her and my own feelings wasn't easy but I know all this will pay off on a long term basis.
So it's looking up but still many many more challenges to come.

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