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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Week 4. Still.
My mum came to visit on Friday. Originally we planned on picking her up from the airport with Lee and the bubba, but at the end I went alone cause the journey was about 2 hours plus the waiting time and the journey back. Would've been a hassle taking Lileeva, feed and change her on the airport or in Jackie's car, so she stayed home with Lee instead.
She had her first cuddles with Hungarian nanny, she even changed, bathed and fed her too.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the park for a stroll and a cheeky beer. Obviously my mum didn't let me push the pram haha! Later on that day Lee came over (Who slept at his parent's the weekend to make life easier and more comfortable for us. Mum slept in the bedroom and I stayed in the living room with Lileeva, just in case.) with his mum and we had a few drinks together and played Frustration! which was funny, since my mum doesn't speak English at all. Anyways, booze and board game did the job.

Mum reckoned Lileeva has wind problems and even though Infacol is for this reason, she blamed that, so I started to put it in the bottle instead of her mouth before feedings. Shouldn't have.
From Sunday to Monday I haven't at all slept, cause baby was up all night, screaming from trapped wind. Bless her. I had to wake mum up at around 07-08am cause I couldn't handle more, Lileeva was in agony since midnight, making me going mad with her helpless cry. It's horrible not being able to do anything. I tried to stay calm all night/morning though, tried not raising my voice, cause even though she doesn't understand what I say, she still notice the change of how we talk to her, and in already agony it's the least can help her.
She calmed down for about 09-10am and at midday Lee's mum came to look after her, while I went to the airport with mum.
Was a good thing having her around, even though Lileeva has grown quite some already, at least she could see her while she is tiny. We don't yet know when are we going to be able to visit her and my nan back in Budapest, so at least one of them seen her while she's still little.
She told me I'm a good mum, just what I needed to hear after a hard night. She also kept telling me how much he loved Lee already, but now she loves him even more, cause she sees on both of us how much we love each other and our baby. Happy that it comes across to others as well. Aww.

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