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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Week 2.
Ehrm... Can't really part it to days.
We went to register Lileeva so she finally became 'official'! They only needed my discharge papers from the hospital (Which only has my details on it.) and her red book, which is basically a record of her medical details. And my ID of course, and Lee's, since I wanted her to have his name too. I find weird that over here not many people decides about their babies' name until they have to register him/her. Even the midwives in the hospital were like 'Do you know what you are having? Did you think of a name yet?' haha well we had the names before we even found out what we are having. One would call it preparation, I call it love.
Then we went to get it copied to get our priority updated on housing, that's when we found out the council is keep fucking us around. They stated us as 'renting privately' even after my complaint and the visitor whom spoken to Lee's aunt, we are living with. So there went my Stage 2. complaint. Two more to go and I'm taking them to court.

Midweek I went to see the midwife, she weight her (3050 g ~ 6 lbs 11 oz) and checked my scars and blood loss; All fine apparently. She answered all our questions, then discharged me. My main worry was her feeding... She cried for food sometimes every couple of hours and we didn't want to feed her, in case we stretch her tummy, but as the midwife said it's pretty much impossible as they either don't drink the milk or simply puke it back up, and if she screams for food, we shall just feed her. Done. She suggested not to have her in the bed with us in case she gets too hot (They can't sweat yet which I didn't know, only to let the heat out through their heads. For this reason it's dangerous to let them sleep in hats.) so we started using the Moses basket at the end.
We also spent a day around Louise's. Not saying Alfie had much chance of bonding with his little cousin, cause Lileeva was sleeping mostly all day. Or screaming for food. Amazing how much of a difference 6 months makes when they are little. Alfie is so big and chunky, Lileeva looks tiny next to him.

I've been to my GP to get my blood tested but it showed that I have problems with my liver (Can just be them lots of medications I'm taking.) so I got an appointment for the following week to get it repeated. Also made an appointment for the beginning of January to register my girl and have her vaccinations done, just as my smear test.
Some woman came out from the hospital to take Lileeva's blood (Again!) because of her thyroid function. Was worth of staying in the hospital for 48 hours then, wasn't it?! Ah well...
As of the week before most of Lee's friends came over to see the baby, the second week my mates payed a visit. It was good to see them, and also to know that they are interested both in me and my little lady.

We spent the weekend at the in-laws cause you are simply not able to sleep in our flat due to noisy neighbours. It was good to get a little break as well, they wanted their cuddles with Lileeva so me and Lee could chillax a little. (Well, Lee had to give her some serious belly massage after a screwed up bottle with too much formula in the water, which made her constipated, but the second night was quiet.)

Health wise: By the weekend my stitches seemed to be healed properly so could finally have a proper wash! They said not to use anything in the area until it heals but water, cause soaps or shower gels would sting.
Milk almost gone, and the bleeding ain't too bad either.
Mood wise: Massive swings!
It was always Lee made her quiet cause I didn't have the patience for it. I've been tired all the time, trying to keep the flat tidy and when I could sit down she usually started off and I couldn't deal with it, just screamed back 'What's wrong with you!?' then cried realising how horrible I am. After all she's just a baby, she can't tell what's wrong, all she can do is to cry.
Lileeva: First of all she has Lee's skinny chicken legs! She looks like him too, but I knew this before she was even born. She has his mouth, but my shape and -for now- colour of eyes.
She's hiccuping and farts a lot (Me.) and snores (Lee.) sometimes haha! Not to mention her cute sneezes! She multiplies them then the end goes 'Aww!' like it was such a hard work.
She also has a little mole on her nose! We didn't know babies can get moles at that early age but it's definitely not a scar, that'd be gone by now.
She hates when we are in her face for long, kissing her (Me.) and likes to grimace. Also, she's a loud sleeper! Fidgets all the time and makes noises! Was hard to get used to it, but we are getting there.
All in all: We kind of got into a sleeping during the night habit with baths (Lavender night time baby bath by winning!) and regular ish feedings. This new Cow & Gate formula definitely works better and doesn't make her constipated. Yay!
So it's all getting better slowly. Only my horribleness to be worked on, big times! We want a nice loveable mummy, right?!

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