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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


A post about me.
First of all, -knocking on wood- I finally managed to clean my name at the council. They responded my Stage 2. complaint in letter as well as before that, my officer called on Monday. She told me I've been given a false information by the other worker and yes, since I could provide all the necessary information needed, I'm able to bid for 2 bedroom properties from this week. Yay! Fingers crossed we are going to find something, very soon. I'm well excited, can't wait to move into our own place, decorate it on the way we like and to have our first proper home.
My plans are so far to get a place before summer, apply for Housing- and Council Tax Benefit after, then when my Maternity wears off, apply for Jobseeker's while doing volunteer work for a year or so. Therefor we'd be able to manage money wise, I wouldn't have to go back to work when the muffin is only 6 months old. I want to spend time with her and when we both are ready I would go and do a proper job, not these shitty, under payed bar works. A job I like, hopefully.
As I said in the previous post, I'm getting better on handling Lileeva's screaming fits. Still hard sometimes, like on Sunday when she wouldn't stop for many hours, but I'm getting there. Luckily Lee supports me big times, so does our family.
But, for example, today was fairly good. She had a crying session for about 2 hours last night, but could manage to sleep 4-5 hours between a couple of feeds. Incredible how much energy that couple of extra hours means sleep wise! I woke up all happy and kind of fresh, and since she was eating nicely and sleeping, I managed to cook and do bits in my time. Was much  needed.
My back still aches (Couldn't manage that massage with my mum, we didn't really have time.), but sleeping upstairs in the bed meant a lot. Obviously I couldn't sleep in my usual starfish position cause Lileeva was next to me and I'm always in a 'careful sleep' mode, but still.
I as well stress less, more confident on leaving her alone when she's asleep. Not for hours of course, just like popping out for a cigarette and so. I still rather have Lee around when I go for a shower and stuff.
So all in all, things are looking up, hopefully everything works out for the best.

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