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Thursday, 8 December 2011


Week 4.
So this heating up the flat properly does work. Even though Lileeva always felt cosy toasty under her vest, grow and blanket, it probably wasn't enough for her.
During the day we normally have her sleeping on the sofa, next to us while Lee is playing Xbox and I'm on my laptop or doing bits and bobs. Prefer it this way, so she can see us when she wakens, rather than see only the sides of her Moses basket. For the first time she cried out while she was still asleep on her tummy, so Lee, who was sitting next to her, turned her on the back said 'Don't worry, we are still where you left us.' haha! This seemed to have calmed her down. Still, she usually falls asleep in our arms, unless she drops during having a bottle.
By the way my friend Molek says, she's starting to look like me, apparently she has the same look in her eyes as me. I still see more Lee in her though, but I reckon it's cause she's usually having her eyes closed during some serious amount of sleep.

She had her first bath with daddy this week! Ain't going to lie, I was freaking out! I trust Lee so much, but Lileeva still isn't sure about the bath thing and screams and wriggles a lot. I kept telling Lee off how to hold her and not to drop her, and the result?! Me splashing a bit of soapy water in her mouth (Johnson's baby night time bath. Harmless, but still...) and almost dropping her trying to get her out from the bath and wrapping her little body to the towel quick-smart. Well done me!
Anyways, she was all fine after, throw up a couple of times, done a massive poo (The third for that day. She usually does one daily.) so her little system is all clean.

The reusable nappy thing works good as well. We are using disposable ones for nights, only one or two a day so that's alright. Hopefully she starts to get in the habit soon when she poos on mornings, so we don't have to mess with curry looking textile nappies and can stop using the liners in the reusable ones. We still have quite some liners left though, so by we use them all, she might get in the habit... (Under 'we' I meant 'me' cause Lee doesn't still get the hang of the washable nappies yet, but sooner or later he has to, hah!)
We bagged the newborn clothes (Which came really handy, even though I though we won't be able to use them, cause they are super tiny!) and started to dress her in the 0-3 months sized. They are still massive, especially the grows, but the vests are alright... Mainly cause the washable nappies triple her bum size haha.
Health wise: Good! No more fanny-punches! Might be time for some sexual activity soon haha.
My back is killing me though, in serious need of a massage but that's a job for my mum I reckon.
I'm back on smoking unfortunately (Not in the flat but strictly outside!) and since we are both washing our hands and faces after each fag, we have some seriously dry skin condition. Cocoa butter to rescue us.
Mood wise: Better! I'm still stressing a lot, and as I said above, telling Lee off for stupid things, but luckily he doesn't take it serious. He is really understanding and this I can't thank him enough!
I still have issues though, but we went through them so that's cool as well. I mean, it's hard to do everything by myself, like making Lileeva's food up while she's screaming for it, wind her, change her, calm her and rock her to asleep, then in the remaining couple of hours while she is out of it, wash and sterilize her bottles, wash her nappies, wash my and Lee's clothes, make food for ourselves, do the washing-up, have a shower... And so. He got the point and joined in with the bits of house-work too. Everything is so much easier when it's two of us, in a view of one of us can hold and entertain the bubba so she ain't screams while the other makes the bottles, for example.
I've been pretty calm lately with Lee around, could even manage to get some sleep when it was 'his night' of looking after our daughter.
Lileeva: Even though they say babies are unable to see til week 6, unless you hold their proper close to your face, I'm pretty sure she does see things already. She loves the pattern of the throw on the sofa, looking straight at us when we talk to her, and trying to reach for the lamp/light.
She also tried and gave us little grins already, which apparently they aren't supposed to be able to do until they are 6-8 weeks old. Proof of her being a smart little muffin!
I previously said about her being a fussy eater. Well... She became messy as well! Also, she doesn't usually just stop half way through the (Too cold?!) bottle, but whenever she does a poo she cries not just for the rest of her bott bott, but a little bit more. Reckon she always have to have her tummy full to be a satisfied little pea.
All in all: A calm first half of our 4th week. From tomorrow til Monday my mum will be over from Hungary so that means plenty of cuddles for all of us, but mainly for Lileeva.

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