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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


1 month, 1 week, 1 day old today.
I'm trying to get Lileeva in a routine so she slowly will be able to make a difference between night time and day time. The whole idea is to have her moaning fits during the day, not the middle of the night, when I would want to sleep.
Since Monday I'm bathing her every night before her 'last feed' which is vary between 08-11pm. She still doesn't like the idea of water and screams like a lunatic, but hey. So telly off, chill music on, minimal lights, bath, bottle and bed. As well as trying to keep her awake for an hour or so after each feed during the day, but this I'm not pushing too much, since she's so little, she needs lots and lots of sleeps.
Anyway, so far so good, knocking on wood. Both Tuesday and today had her moaning fits between 01-03pm. This usually tires her out and have big sleeps the afternoon.
I ain't too satisfied with the amount she eats though. For her age, she supposed to have around 120ml every 4 hours. Now she only eats between 60-90ml and wakes up for food in every 2 to 3 hours, still, she wouldn't eat that little bit of extra and sleep longer... (Obviously she has a bit of extra after a poo or being sick, but that's normal I reckon.) However, sometimes she downs 120-150ml straight in, but still wakes for a bottle in 3 hours. I've been writing all her feedings, ever since she was born, so will work out what's going on, therefor we can hopefully get in a habit (Like giving her less throughout a day, more before sleep and less during the night or something.) so will satisfy her and won't even be wasting more formula.
She started to only sleep in our arms, which again, ain't the best of things. I mean it is alright now, but don't want her to get too used to it, otherwise we will have trouble later on. So that's another mission, putting her down in her Moses basket and let her fall asleep by herself.
It'll only be a pain in the arse when she's moaning and can only be comforted with her dummy... Which she keeps dropping then starts to cry for it and in need of me popping it back to her mouth.
I will also give a try for the dream feed tonight. Not sure it will work, and whether or not it's a good idea, but worth a try. Only heard about it today, and basically is about after the bath and last feed, put the baby down to sleep, then a couple of hours later, before I'd go to bed, make up another (Smaller?!) feed, get her out of her cot without waking her much, feed her, no burp or changing nappy, just put her back while she's still asleep. Therefor they supposed to be full up and sleep longer.
Tonight so far:
0720pm she woke up for the rest 'left over' of her bottle, which made her sick a little. Then bathed and fed her around 08pm. She was falling asleep so put her in the Moses basket which she didn't take too well and started to moan then the moan turned to cry and scream. I felt horrible leaving her there crying so I took her out (After leaving her a bit though, while brushed my teeth and washed some bottles.) and gave her a cuddle. This calmed her down but looked like she was hungry so I put her back down and started to make a little bottle up. While was doing it she kind of cried herself asleep, with waking every 10 minutes for a little moan when realising she ain't snuggled up next to me.
I feel awful, she's only little! But as me and Lee agreed, these things have to be done, preferably sooner than later, otherwise she'll get used to us jumping every time she moans and will turn out to be a spoilt little lady.
I will try and dream feed her at 10pm, right before I curl up on the sofa, next to her Moses basket.
I just hope all these new things won't confuse the fuck out of her much, but both of us can get in a routine.

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