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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Yesterday we were 1 month old! Can hardly believe it, the time flies!
We kind of sorted the wind situation with giving her the Infacol drops in the mouth before feeds again. Seems like she finishes the bottles easier, but still has trouble on bringing burps up. No problem with farts though haha!
I also bought a different kind of formula, it's still Cow & Gate but called 'Comfort' and supposed to help on colic and wind problems. If that doesn't give her runny poo we have to stick to it for good cause changing formula often ain't good for their digestive system, also, going back to the 'normal' one would definitely make her constipated. We don't want that, no.
Still, the woman on Maternity Helpline said I should go and get her checked out with a health visitor if it doesn't change.
She scared the living shit out of me yesterday. Twice! She was crying, that turned to screaming, then it suddenly stopped, she arched her back, staring at nothing with red face, and stopped breathing for a second or two. Ain't going to lie, though that it was. Had a look online and apparently lots of babies do this and it considers normal. Shall blow into their faces quick and hard, and that tells their system to restart breathing apparently. Still, hope it won't happen too often, otherwise I'll be getting a heart attack too.
We had an alright night yesterday though. I noticed she nowadays can only fall asleep in our arms or on us, so I took advantage on Lee being at work all night, and after weeks, I finally slept in the bed instead of on the sofa. With the lady next to me of course. She had a little screaming fit but fed her again and she passed out. On her tummy!
This morning I noticed she coughs a bit and has difficulty breathing through her nose... Hope she won't be having the cold. Makes sense why she wanted to sleep on her stomach though, when I layed her on the back to change her, looked like she was chocking a little, on snot possibly. Will keep her wrapped up, see if it goes away in a few days, if not, will have a look for natural remedies. We all be fucked if she gets ill, since she has naturally tiny nostrils.
She gave me her first real smiles the other day! I couldn't take a photo of them cause it was dark, but they definitely were smiles, not little grins before cry. Aww! She sometimes smiles when she dreams too.
I wonder what are babies dream of?! I just hope she has happy thoughts.

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