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Sunday, 23 December 2012


Lileeva learned to climb today.
I haven't been looking for a split second and bosh, she was on the coffee table, enjoying Szaffi the cartoon from the very first row. I did watch her climb up on the laptop stand later, which is just as low as the coffee table. Her trick is to lay on the table grabbing the other end, and slid up on it like a little seal.

Not sure which one is 'worse', the fact that my mumsiness is striking again big times, or that I'm happy about it, and the outcome of it.
I spent Thursday in the kitchen, making bejgli and töltött káposzta for the following day. The first attempt for both and they did turn out how they supposed to. Result! I also thought I'd get some basic cleaning done, and by I realised what's going on, the entire flat was clean, and I was standing on a chair washing windows! Proper mumsy!
On Friday I held a mini pre-Christmas get together for the boys, with the above stated dinner, followed by a festive buffet, cheesy Christmas music video chart show, some alcoholic beverage, board games and taboo. For Lee's instruction, Buddy turned up with a bottle of honey-cherry pálinka. The atmosphere was amazing, it felt proper Christmasy. A small group of friends (What friends?! Family!), everyone making a fool out of themselves, dancing in our living room. Nothing more I could wish for, the event turned out to be much much more better and festive than I have imagined it would!

Saturday I had the house to myself, so I got more baking done, mainly for our English Christmas do at Louise's on Tuesday. It was another ultimate Christmas vibe day for me. A coffee and a couple of slices of bejgli for breakfast, online Christmas radio and baking baking baking! I'll be taking a battenberg cake, two loaves of bejgli (Traditional poppy seed and walnut.), rum-coconut balls and a winter themed chocolate sponge-cherry jam cake.
Today I baked the bread for tomorrow's dinner and done bits of tidying just so I don't have to worry about these anymore.
So far so good, everything is according to plan.
All I have to worry about tomorrow is my family's classic dinner, which takes forever to be cooked, but is fairly easy to be made. I'm kind of lucky of coming from a different culture, because as Lee keep pointing it out, he never tried half of the foods I'm making, therefore he doesn't exactly know how they meant to taste haha! Still, the pressure is on, but as I said, so far I haven't been failing much. Oh, the proud mummy moments.
Merry Christmas!

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