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Friday, 14 December 2012


13 months yesterday.
We had an eventful Wednesday. Straight after waking and pulling ourselves together I took Lileeva to the nearby Children's Center to a play group. The 0-2 year drop-in was empty, everyone came for the 0-5 years arty crafty session, so we went to check that out. As I thought, she is way too small for that, and it was way too hectic for us. After about half an hour we hopped back to the kiddie playing session, which was pretty much full by then!
It was definitely more suitable for us, still, was quite manic. I got used to going to small groups, with 5-8 children plus their carers, donate £1 for a cup of tea and have a nice, relaxed chat with the mums, while the babies are playing. While this time, there were at least 15 kids with their parents and was pretty much impossible to communicate due to the noise level. It was free but maybe a bit too organised for me. The two hour session started at 10am and finished at noon. Around 1115am they shouted 'tidy up time' so we actually had to pack away, which is fair enough, considering the size of the area and the amount of mess our children made, but no one really knew where do the toys go. Then apparently from 1130am til noon there were a singing session then snacks. Possibly for donation?! I haven't waited that out though. I hate singing.
Lileeva was a little moody, maybe because the session interfered her morning nap, maybe due to the manic and loudness of it. I think she liked it though, she was interested in both the kids and toys. Either way, I will take her back again. I know nursery is a long way, but the earlier she learns to socialize, the better.
But, to be honest, the intensity of this morning activity drained both of us.

My long time not seen friend came around the afternoon, which was amazing. Turned out her used to be flatmate (Whom I've previously met, but neither of us stayed in touch with for quite a while.) is living in my area and has a Lileeva-age daughter. So, invited her and her kid up too, for a coffee.
Things have turned funny here. Her daughter is on a very different level. I know she just wanted to play with Lileeva, but was very aggressive, and 'in your face' type. Her mum didn't even control or tell her off. Yes, it did piss me off... I don't care how do other people raise their own children, but for fuck's sake, they were in my house, and her child made my daughter cry numerous times, why am I supposed to be responsible of telling her child off?! As harsh as it sounds, they are the perfect examples I'd like to stay away from.
Both me and my friend were in great shock after they left, we even popped a bottle of wine open to ease our nerves. Yes, it was that bad.

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