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Thursday, 27 December 2012


These teddies make my life both heaven and hell.
I mentioned before that Lileeva loves her elephants. That's fine, but this love lately turned into hardcore obsession. I think mainly Tenerife we can blame this on. Anyways, she just wouldn't sleep without them. She's alright in the pram or carrier when we are out, or even in the car, but no matter how overtired she is, just wouldn't give in when the teddies (Or at least one of them.) are not around.
For this exact reason we took them to Louise's on Christmas Day, and of course, we left them there by accident. Nightmare!
This resulted Lileeva, and therefore me too, hardly sleeping the past couple of days. Endless screaming it was for us and failed attempts on shooting her with other teddies. Surprisingly enough, rocking her asleep on my chest did work... It never used to. Upside is that I finally have received some decent snuggles with her, been a while! That is until I tried to lay her down, then I had to use the Buddha belly strokes to make her go back asleep. Still, I got used to her festive lay-ins, maybe a little too much, and these 05-06am wake up calls really done me in.
We got them pink bastards back this morning thankfully, but the cheeky chops did still play up when I put her down tonight. Here's hoping it's Lileeva coming to realise that she does indeed love and requires cuddles.
Weird how comfort or control parenting does not matter, you are simply unable to avoid either of their downsides. If I was comfort parenting, I was having to have to rock my child to sleep every single time she was needing a nap. Objectless, but gets harder with time, and I do mean physically hard too. As of control parenting, as much as it makes sense, I didn't really think about she would need an object to comfort her when I'm not around. Suppose it's the dummy for most kids, which she wouldn't take and which I'm absolutely happy about. I hate 3 year odds (Or even older.) with their dummies hanging from their mouths while talking. I personally sucked my thumb for a long time, which is quite a bad habit too and looks just as wrong on a toddler as a dummy stuffed in their faces. Well, Lileeva has her elephants to suck on, and even if I tried to look at things as an outsider, yes, I rather see a little-big child walking about with a teddy in her mouth than a dummy or a red thumb.
It's just a fucking pain, when you leave them behind.
(Note to self: Check Primark, see if they still do them, if so buy an emergency back up.
Edit: Fucking hell! People have the nerve to sell the Primark comforter on eBay for up to £23 (!) plus postage. It's a Primark toy goddamn it. Well baffled. Looking at other type of comforters and their prices makes me suicidal.)

Lileeva is drinking from a 12months+ straw cup now. It has a twisty top luckily, so I threw that filthy Tommy Tippee one away straight after buying this new one. I did however keep the base, which is technically just a thin plastic mug with two handles. Will be useful as soon as we start to train her to drink from cups and glasses. Which will be very soon, if it's up to me.
Also looking at potty and toilet training sets, but it can definitely wait, at least until the weather is a little warmer and she can run around the house bare bummed.
Talking is going well, Lileeva been making yodelling sounds for weeks now! Not even sounds, she just says the word 'yodel' constantly. I think she likes the sound that 'L' makes, or the way her tongue rubs when she makes it.
She also learned to say 'Phew!' after smelling her own or our feet. Now everything she smells is 'Phew!' haha, quite entertaining actually!

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