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Friday, 4 January 2013


Happy belated New Year!
No resolutions for 2013. My reverse strategy seemed to be working for 2012, the first year in a long time when I didn't make any resolutions regarding... Anything, really. And the first year I actually managed 'doing good'. Quit my addictions like alcohol and cigarette, became fitter, healthier, lost weight and pulled myself together mentally too. And, of course, spent some quality time with my little family, built a home together, settled down and so on.
With January Lileeva either hit a growth spurt, became ill or just doing a serious catch up after the festive late nights, but all she wants to do is sleep. Not complaining though, I happily have her sleeping 14-16 hours throughout the night and another couple during the day. In fact, a little growing wouldn't harm her, especially if it'd strengthen those legs. Missy shall walk soon! Here is an article about toddlers and napping. Another reassurance that I'm doing everything just fine with her. (Yay!)
She did start to stand by herself, but only when she forgets about doing it. For example leaning on the sofa, grabbing a couple of toys, letting the sofa go while investigating them, realises what is she doing, panics and leans back to the sofa. She's also been trying to stand up without pulling herself up on anything, but I reckon we have to wait for that a little longer. It's all about balance issues, right?!
She's very good with words though, she said 'square' to Kali yesterday. A one off thing she wouldn't repeat for me, but it's all in there. She baby-talks a lot, in fact, she baby-talks 24/7.
Even though Lileeva looks like she's coming down with a snotty cold, I'm still trying to take her out daily. Or at least make her have a little adventure each day. I'm planning on taking her to the baby drop-in on Wednesdays by my house (Post 284.), and to a new group on Fridays too. It's called tiny tots to two and held in the Children's Centre where I used to take her to baby massage. Have a feeling it will be a smaller, more familiar atmosphere. Was going to check it out today in fact, but Lileeva had a lay in (Again!) so I just took her to the swings over the park instead.
So that's two days out of the seven so far. Hopefully I'll be able to see Kali on a regular basis as well as my friend Nicole and her daughter whom just moved back to London a few weeks ago. Tomorrow will be the first time I get to see her little daughter, bare excited! Bet I'll be super broody.
My whole point is to try and make Lileeva's days exciting, whether that means taking her out, having a friend around, watching different cartoons or playing with different toys. For this exact reason I've hidden half of her toys yesterday (The ones she has for months and months now and blatantly bored of.), leaving out only a few that she barely saw lately. And she loves them! Will look out for the signs of her getting bored of them, that's when I'll swap the toys around again. Also planning on purchasing Duplo like big building bricks and toy cars. Mummy's girl, they were my favourites too when I was young.

Edit 06/01/2013:
Yes it was indeed only a growth spurt that sadly only lasted for a a few days. This morning Lileeva was giving an hour long speech, holding a conference for her teddies from 0630am. Still, I actually love to wake up for her chatting away instead of crying. It's only the time...

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