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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Those nasty poos resulted in Lileeva's first ever serious nappy rash. It isn't as bad as the images on Google (Fucking hell! They are something else!) but all her bits are red and sore with a few burnt, spot like abscesses. She's keep crying after each poo as well as when I change her. Feel so sorry for the little chops, but can't do much apart from wiping her with chamomile and giving her lots of nappy free time.
Speaking of crying; She woke me this morning around 0700am moaning, after doing a poop. I obviously got up and changed her, but it took a while and since she was in pain, she started on crying more. Here I would state, she was not screaming, she was crying. About half an hour later our new next door neighbour has woken up too, continuously banging on the wall between us, showing his/her disapproval of things.
Now firstly, I know it's an 'old lady' thing to do, but I have to admit, I myself too bang on walls, ceilings or floors if there is a high intensity noise coming from my other neighbours, pre- or post- acceptable hours. (Let's say after 1100pm and before 0630am.) But I'm talking about them watching telly, super-loud music, walking in heels or playing instruments. I'm talking about noise they create by their own fucking will. I have to bare my downstairs neighbour's kid's screaming every single night past midnight and I never once took it as an offense, let alone banged on the floor.
We are talking about a child here, who cries when she's in pain, and banging on the wall does everything but calms her down. They probably don't have kids, or I go further, one of those parents that just don't care. If they'd be any different, they'd know that hearing your own child cry is one of the most disheartening thing for mum, whom by the way is up straight away, trying to solve her baby's problem.
Hence: My new neighbours are cunts. I probably would be more understanding on the issue if it happened during the middle of the night, and not at 0730am on a weekday. (They have been in all day today, I hear their telly, the benefit pounce lowlifes.)
If it happens again, there will be war. Mark my words.

Anyway, I had my joyous mummy moments for today as well. The first was early morning, when I changed Lileeva and gave her a cheeky bottle to knock her back out (I wanted to go back to bed, yes.) she looked very happy and calm, giving me big smiles. Aww! Secondly, Lee feels awful for a while now (Serious case of man flu aka he's on death's door. Cough cough.) and by this morning one of his eyes gave up and developed conjunctivitis, so I made him a massive hangover-cure bacon sandwich, pampered his pink eye with chamomile and went to the GP with him. Thirdly, after cleaning the entire flat yesterday, this afternoon I re-organised the kitchen cupboards for pots and pans, they are nice and tidy now and all my cooking and baking stuff fits perfectly. (Again, scares me how much satisfaction these tidy ups give me.) I'm also baking a honey-oaty bread at the moment and it smells beautiful!
Oh dear, the day has come. Lileeva just woke up from her nap and turned the telly on for the first ever time. Not so proud mummy moment.

So I was preparing my stuck-up speech of Lileeva's awesome bum-behaviour when...
I gave her a good 30 minutes nappy free time before bath while watching her sleepy time telly, she was doing amazing, until the very last 10 minutes. At least I know now what to expect when potty training. Sigh. At least it was a firm dough, over a diarrhoea like nastiness.

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