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Sunday, 6 January 2013


Now I'm not at all squeamish but today has done me in. Lately Lileeva been producing some nasty poos, all over the place, sticky diarrhoea ones. That alone wouldn't be a matter, cause that what baby crap is like at the early stages anyway, but since we are talking about a toddler who's mostly eating 'human' (Adult.) food the smell and state of them not the most pleasing. And, for sure, Lileeva still hates her bum changed or staying still for a matter of fact. Add it up.
I had to deal with two of these joyful gifts today in a matter of 5 hours. While I was scrubbing the shit of my arms the second time, thought I'd give my little-big girl bit of a nappy free time. Bam, she peed on the floor. I'm thankful of choosing a laminate over carpet as a choice of flooring last year when we moved in.
I really wish this winter would last forever and so I wouldn't have to worry about the potty training that will be coming with the warmer weather.

Nicole was over with Virág (Hungarian for 'flower'.) yesterday. She's coming up to 7 months and about the same size as Lileeva but chubbier! She is adorable and smiley on oh do I miss those times when I could just leave my baby on the floor and didn't have to chase her around haha! However, I can't really recall the 7 month old Lileeva therefore comparing them to each other would be absolutely pointless. It's a 'No!' anyway, since all babies are different... All I remember -without having to peek in my blog- is Lileeva being able to sit at this age whereas Virág can not, but hating being on her stomach which Virág seems to enjoy. Weight wise they are kind of the same I think, still, handling Virág was scary on a way that I had to be extra careful, not only because she's someone else's baby but because she felt so fragile. Deadweight maybe?
Either way, another reassurance that my girl is tiny and petite! I don't look at it as a bad thing at all though, in fact I quite like it.
Nicole also mentioned she sometimes gives Virág chocolate and that when she stares at her with puppy eyes. I don't know, it kind of scared me into thinking I might be a health freak with Lileeva? I kind of barked at everyone who gave her sweets before the age of one and I still try and keep her processed sugar intake as low as possible. Yes, I do give her a jammy toast or a peanut buttery hot cross bun for breakfast every once in a while, and yes, if I make cakes she has a little pinch of them but I rather have her eating fruits and healthy snacks like yoghurt pots and baby crisps/rice cakes. When it comes to her, for example I have only used honey as a sweetener in her porridge or tea previously, no sugar. I also make sure she especially eats healthy the day before she goes out with Lee or her grandparents who we know, doing their jobs properly and spoil her rotten haha!
I'm wondering, am I taking this a step too far?
It's such a fine line, because me being careful and trying to make the healthy decision could in the future make her become obsessed and develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Same as if I let her eat whatever she fancied.
Oh the responsibilities of being a mum...

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