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Thursday, 10 January 2013


Lileeva learned to pop the Sudocrem open which, of course, resulted her entire face, hands and mouth covered in the cream. She seems to like the taste of it as keep going back for it. Nutty child.
She stood previously without support, but this morning she wanted to stand by herself before sitting down. This makes a huge difference.
I took her to the 'hectic' baby group yesterday and I suppose that's the main reason of her behaviour. It's a 0-2 years drop-in, and apart from the baby corner (0-12 months), no children are laying or crawling, in fact apart from her, all of them were walking. I don't at all mind, but here comes that she rather learn from other children than adults and she seems to mind being the black sheep.
I've also found out that unlike other groups or 1 o'clock clubs, they charge nothing, only a small donation (Anywhere from 50p.) towards the fruit they give out after each session. In fact, they have coffee and tea put out in the waiting area. Perfect!
So after this lovely experience I thought I'd look into this nursery business. Better sooner than later and I'm quite clueless on the subject.

As I figured every 3 and 4 year old entitled a part time, 15 hours a week free nursery/pre-school education. I heard it's advisable to put the child's name down a year in advance to be sure that she gets a place, at least in one of the desired nurseries. No matter whether it's within a Children's Centre, within a primary school or a community one. Every children able to start the term coming after their 3rd birthday which for Lileeva will be the one starting after the 1st of January 2015. I know it's quite a long way to go but I want to make sure she'll get a place, preferably in the closest nursery we have in the area. One of them is in the Children's Centre I'm visiting regularly, the other is within the primary school just round the corner from us, which I'm hoping will be her school later on in life by the way. There's a community one which I'm able to apply to already and another school nursery a bit further away. That's all four for now, I'm still waiting three of their replies about which is the earliest I can put Lileeva's name down.
The hunting has begun, let's hope for the best.

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