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Saturday, 26 January 2013


Things are looking up a bit.
Lee went for an interview within his company and he got the job he applied for! Not entirely, but he is on a 6 months contract, which can always be renewed. I hope. So that's it, we will be living a 'normal' life from now on. Meaning: My boy be working Monday to Friday 09am-06pm like a 'normal' person. No more crazy hours and no more lack of family and friends time.
This already has cheered him up, but I'm sure it will do good on him. And on us for that matter.
We've been having one of those off times lately. Again. Lack of communication and whatever else it comes with. Anyways, it is all sorted now thankfully. We just need to pay a bit more attention to our other halves instead of just living next to each other.
Hopefully from now on everything will stay as it is or only improve.

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