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Thursday, 31 January 2013


I want to kill Justin Fletcher so badly! Going further, I want to murder the entire Cbeebies crew. Such shit programs, shit acting and over mimiced unfunny jokes. It's a definite vote for Fearne Cotton's oldschool kiddie telly and a vote against Mr fucking Maker.
Let's not even talk about In the Night Garden...
I swear the entire Cbeebies staff is on crack, or hooked on acid.
Worse is that kids love them! Even worse that I take advantage on Lileeva being glued to the telly every evening. This became her bedtime routine and gives me roughly an hour to myself before putting her down. I don't feel too bad about the fact her watching a bit of telly, however, her preferring these rubbish programs over for example old Disney cartoons does get to me. I don't want a braindead child.
Anyways, it's not like she's sitting in front of the T.V. all day, she has her morning cartoons while I'm preparing her breakfast and pulling myself together, plus an hour before bed. Apart from super cold and rainy days we don't really snuggle up in front of the telly.
In fact, I discovered another Children's Centre close by, so I went and grabbed their time table today. I'll try and aim for taking Lileeva out 5 days a week from next week, some days maybe even twice. Lee will be at work day time so no excuses or waiting about for him to wake up the afternoon for family times. Quite looking forward to live a normal, Monday to Friday life.
Lileeva has mastered opening zips and twisting the baby powder's cap as well as still is very much entertained by popping the Sudocrem open and playing with velcro. So that's us, not being able to leave anything around, unless its content is super baby-safe.

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