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Saturday, 26 January 2013


We went to visit Nicole and Virág on Thursday and damn didn't we have so much fun!
I originally only planned on staying for a few hours, going for lunch and be home by 07pm ish to put Lileeva to bed. Let's just say I asked Lee to book me a car from Nicole's for 1130pm!
We had a drink for being mums. Then we cheered for the future. Then we cheered for the past good old times. Then we had another one for the future. And a few more, just to be safe.
A cider, a rosé and copious amount of rum and cokes after I can't say I'm entirely able to remember of the details between 08pm and 02am.
Lileeva and Virág didn't mind us though, they were playing along nicely all day, had a bath together then we put them down. Lileeva was a bit fussy, she's a really bad sleeper when it comes to snoozing anywhere but her own cot or pram.

We also had a good old chat about our relationships and how our lives have changed in the past few years. I used to hang out with Nicole and a bunch of other Hungarians when was squatting 3-4 years ago. Those were my early-twenty party years. Say no more. Comparing to that we both live utterly different lives now, obviously, but very similar to each others'. Kind of amusing.
Anyways, we had bit of a blast from the past! More of these to come I hope. Maybe with a little less alcohol though.

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