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Sunday, 9 December 2012


Lileeva and I have had such an off day today. We were on a proper different level and just couldn't deal with each other. Might be my hormones or her teething or what not. Thankfully Lee was around and saved me, although he assisted only one of the fits. On days like these I wish we had a soundproof room with a punch bag in the middle. Say no more. I truly hate days like these.
No secret that I'm dealing with quite a few personal issues, which I'm not going to state here, on a public blog. These are issues only with myself though, not with others around me. Still, some of Lileeva's behaviours are the biggest triggers out of every others. But at the same time, I have to admit, she is the only person in the whole wide World, who allows me to forget about them all, even if it's just for a second. Regardless the days like today, she is the one who makes me the happiest in this entire Planet.

On another note, we put up the Christmas tree this afternoon. Quite decent, even if I say so myself. A pre-lit 6 foot fake tree, not my favourite choice, I'd prefer a real one, with pine smell instead of plastic, but definitely less of a hussle. The decoration is lime-gold this year, to match our green-yellow living room. I don't have a decent photo of it just yet.
Kind of thought today is going to be the one, when I'll have my moment of Christmasness, snuggling kitty up on the sofa under a blanket, with a jug of hot chocolate, some biscuits and Love Actually, after putting Lileeva down and while Lee is out on his 'day off' at his mates. I'm way too worked up for it now though, and usually by most of the evenings come, I just can't be bothered with anything, apart from monging at my laptop then crash to bed.
I'm going to have a calming bath, wonder about the meaning of Life, then hibernate until... Tomorrow.
My moment of munchies and loveness is yet to come!

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