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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Last Wednesday's hectic experience (Post 284.) was definitely good for something: Me focusing on talking to Lileeva in Hungarian more.
In the baby group most parents were talking to their kids on their own language, and my friend's friend, who was over with her daughter that afternoon, done the same. It kind of amazed me how much that 15 months old little girl understood, in fact, even tried to talk to her mum, possibly on their language.
I've been failing on this Hungarian business lately. Since I don't myself practice Hungarian, words come out easier in English. I find it hard to talk to Lileeva -a lot- even though I know she understands and this is the way she learns, her not replying baffles me. It's also hard to talk to her in Hungarian when I'm surrounded by my friends, I kind of think it's rude to use a different language in front of others. However, a surprising amount of my friends have had the opportunity to become bilingual and they all keep saying to me how much they wish their parents made the effort when they were young.
It's definitely time for me to man up!

So I found an amazing torrent site (Which I'm not going to link, in case somehow it would be forced to shut down because of it.) with all the oldschool Hungarian cartoons! I'm not talking about the translated Disney films, no.
It's all about the good stuff! Dr. Bubó, Mézga Család, Frakk, Vizipók Csodapók and many many more. (Written about them previously in Post 50.)
So I'm a mummy on a mission lately. Not saying the teaching would only be about the cartoons, in fact I plan to use them as a 'background noise' that refreshes my Hungarian dictionary and inspires me to use my mother language when I talk to Lileeva.
But also, have to admit, I can't wait for Lileeva to start to watch and show interest in them. I loved them so much, I wasn't to lay down in my cot until I watched my before bed Dr. Bubó! And yes, this is possibly the earliest memory I have. Ding ding.

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