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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I'm so naive! I only just realised lit up pumpkins outside doors not only nice decorations on a Halloween but a sign for trick-or-treaters. Dah! Suppose you grow to know things like these when you have a child. No matter that I live in a block of flats, I'll still have the habit to put one out on the balcony every year.
I've done my insane baking session on Monday for the occasion, spent 9 hours straight in the kitchen and could easily vomit by the smell of sugar by the end. Anyway, I think I've done alright.

Went to Kali's around 04pm ish, damn does she make an effort! Her living room put my lonely couple of craved pumpkins in shame! Unfortunately it's half term so there weren't many of Isla's friends around, and we had to wait for one of them turn up before we could start to do the trick-or-treat round. By this time Lileeva got pretty tired, so I split before the madness.
Next year hopefully we will be able to take both Lileeva and Loki, and they will be able to enjoy it too.

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