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Friday, 19 October 2012


Lileeva didn't let me sleep for no one the night before, I was beyond exhausted yesterday! I literally had a couple of hours, then all I heard on the monitor was her talking/moaning to herself for 15 minutes, then dropping off for 45 minutes. Then again. Gave her cuddles. But again. Up until about 07am when I eventually got her.
She looked super tired throughout the entire day too, but wouldn't nod off, the poor thing.
Both me and her are coming down with something. A nasty cold, in my opinion. That must be it, the tremendous amount of snot probably doesn't let her sleep, but I really can't do anything about it, apart from giving her CalPol, rub Sniffle-Snuffle on her tiny chest and wipe her Rudolf-red nose constantly. She looks miserable with her baggy, puffy, red eyes, but still manages to smile and is up to mischief all the time. Kudos for that.
We had a less troubled sleep last night and Lileeva felt better today, even had a couple of naps, thankfully! I gave her some from my very much diluted Vitamin C drink, so that might've helped too. Then I read the label, saying it's not suitable for children under 12, however, don't suppose it does any harm in such a tiny dose.

She is my little shadow, since she learned to crawl. I'm unable to use my phone or laptop without her climbing all over me, pressing the buttons and keyboard. She also has screaming fits when the baby gate is locked and she sees me opposite, in the kitchen. I gave up and started to let her out to explore. So much of baby proofing, I know, but must me boring spending your entire day(s) in one room constantly. I'm playing it safe though; Toilet door shut - no diving into the cat litter. Bleach and sponge are high up on the shelf in the bathroom - no A&E trip for this family. Cat food and water on kitchen counter - no snacking without my knowledge! I have no fear, since she's usually withing sight... Up in my ass, more likely. Only locking her away, when I'm cooking.
Not sure why, but she's different with Lee. She isn't following or climbing over him for some reason, even though Lee would very much love that!
Can that be, she's slowly becoming a mummy's girl? We'll see...
From today I'm on a different type of medication. I was dreading the change, mainly for mood and temper issues but no trouble, in fact, we had an amazing day. I've mentioned it before, and keeping my word up about Lileeva noticing my change of moods way before I do. I forgot all about the medication, have been playing with her all day, she was good as gold, no screaming fits whatsoever. Then right before putting her down, I realised how much calmer I felt throughout the entire day. Whether it was due to Lileeva not having a screamo, or due to her feeling the positive changes in my vibes and that's why she didn't have a screamo, I'm not sure.
Either way, we had one happy day today. Zen.

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