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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Lileeva has really bad chesty-snotty coughs, keep hearing her during the night. Bless the little chops.
It's her birthday soon, and since she's not yet aware of what it is yet, we decided to give her mainly clothes as presents. She's due new, bigger ones anyway, winter is coming too, so I've done my bit of shopping on Monday.
Already given her the jacket, the jeans and the kitty dress. The rest is for her birthday and Christmas; Peppa boots, Peppa jeans, Peppa hooded dress and Peppa top.

It's all about Peppa Pig, there are a few more nice bits I'd like to get her, then again, not sure I want to overdose her with it. After all, until they start to talk, you can't be sure enough whether they do like a character with passion or just like to stare at them as their daily cartoon routine.
Speaking of which: I'm 100% sure she loves Harry Potter though. Every time I put the films on, she's glued to the telly, mesmerised by the magic. That's my girl!

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