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Saturday, 13 October 2012


11 months today! I mean... Really?!
Fall is here, without doubt. I love fall.

We went to see Kali and Loki yesterday. I know Kali has the same kind of temper issues that I do, but I -obviously- never see those rants and she really is someone I look up to, as a friend, as a woman and as a mum. She has managed to stay young and fun, and is still able to bring her kids up perfectly, with tons of love and lots of energy.
She showed me her new, bread maker machine and were talking and talking about how much cheaper it is to make bread, and how much money grocery shopping alone takes away when you have a family. Tell me about it! I was fascinated and probably more excited about that machine than to be able cocktail flairtending. Which was my all time big waa waa woom! I'm seriously considering having one, her boyfriend, Joel, might be able to get me one in fact, off price. Fresh, cheap bread daily... Seedy bread, banana bread, hot cross buns... Yes, I am becoming a mum-mum, but damn, do priorities change after having kids!
We also got invited for their Halloween party. Kali's oldest is 4 and she and her friends will be over on the 31st, dressing up, baking, playing, trick-or-treating. I'm more than happy to dress up too (So is Kali!) and get out to celebrate after having my mum over and not being able to have a night out the weekend before. On the upside, mum can look after Lileeva while I'm baking for the party.
It's all set, I've just done the grocery shopping for it today. There'll be a graveyard cake, bat and witch hat cookies and spider and pumpkin cupcakes.
Oh and Lileeva even has a flamenco dress to wear. We got it from Tenerife, thought it's going to be too big but it just fits.
Can't wait!

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