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Sunday, 14 October 2012


So here are the plans for the upcoming birthdays and Christmas.
I have everything set for when mum is here. I ordered a nice 50th birthday card with a photo on it of her and Lileeva. I have our family photo engraved in a heart shaped keyring as a present, will probably buy a small bottle of Metaxa if there is such, cause that's the only poncy drink she likes. I'm also making a round, cake shaped lasagna, cause she doesn't eat cakes. Will bake coffee-walnut-chocolate cupcakes though, just in case, if she does feel like nibble on something sweet.
She is here for four days and I have things scheduled already. I'm picking her up from the airport on Wednesday evening, will catch the train to ours and have a mini celebration lasagna dinner. I'm planning on decorating the living room with big '50' balloons and all that.
Thursday morning Lee's mum bringing Lileeva back (I have her looking after her cause we are arriving home late night and Lee will be at work.) then probably go to the park and grab something to eat while out. Or just chill at home, cooking away, depending on the weather.
Friday afternoon we will be going to the pub, cause Lee's dad wanted to take us out. We possibly be eating out again, and either staying out late -if that so, Lee's mum will look after Lileeva again- or split earlier. I let my mum decide so there won't be any 1) 'I wish we stayed out, I had so much fun' or 2) 'But I traveled all the way here to be with my granddaughter'.
Saturday I'll have her babysit Lileeva all day. I presume she won't mind, and I finally will have time to mess about in the kitchen for hours, and bake and decorate all the Halloween cookies, cupcakes and cakes.
And finally Sunday, Lee's mum will run all of us to the airport. Therefor mum can say a last goodbye to Lileeva there and then, mum-in-law won't be feeling left out cause Lee will be there too, and last but not least when mum boarded we have a lift back home.
I think it's quite an alright plan, however even though I shared my thoughts with her, and she said O.K., I have a feeling something will come up and there will be moaning and disliking at some point anyway. There always is.
As of Lileeva's first birthday, I didn't want to have a party, for many reasons. Lee did, but changed his mind right after I started to announce it haha!
To be perfectly honest, a party at this age is absolutely pointless. As harsh as it sounds, it's not like she has many friends yet. She has one, which -to be perfectly honest- is lucky enough, since I don't go to baby groups and don't have friends with kids around her age. So, really, it would just be us spending a fortune on buffet and drinks, and us adults, aka the family (Which is quite big on Lee's side.) would demolish it within seconds. It wouldn't be about her. It would be about the family gathering together in our flat, and that's about it.
I did order her a personalised birthday card of course, and damn do I bake her a massive Peppa Pig cake! It's going to be a family birthday with mummy, daddy, her and the presents. It's going to be quiet and nice, just like my first birthday was. I can't remember it, obviously, but seen photos.
Christmas. We will have both Hungarian and English Christmases. My family puts the tree up on the morning of the 24th, together, so that's what we will be doing. We bake bread on the day, which I was planning to do anyway, but I'm hoping I'll have the breadmaker by then, to make my life easier. I'll be cooking my family's traditional Christmas dinner which is this 'sour soup' and smoked ham and sausages. Sounds weird, I know, but can't really describe it. For dessert it's beigli. Obviously. Mmm!
Then after dinner on the 24th, Christmas Eve, we get together under the tree and open our presents! Yay! That's Hungarian Christmas, small and intimate, on a family way.
Then on the 25th we are invited to Louise's, for the big family Christmas with roast dinner, throwing presents at each other and that holiday party feeling. That's the English Christmas.
I'm absolutely ready for this!
I don't want to sound like a right tit, but I think I nailed it with the bilingualism. The earlier we start, the better.

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