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Sunday, 7 October 2012


I do sometimes feel I'm a single mum in the view of the amount of shit I'm doing around the house without getting any appreciation in return. No, if I was a single mum, I wouldn't have to do as much cooking, cleaning, washing and tidying. No, I do sometimes feel I've got two kids I'm looking after.
And it is fucking tiring yes, and annoying, and no matter how hard I try, it does get to me.
But it's not the time and place to rant.

My daughter has the cutest smile ever! It's more likely a happy snarl than a smile or a grin though. She pulls her nose up, opens her mouth, breathes out and smiles with her mouth open.
She also thinks I'm funny. I wish it was like this forever, but I know the day will come when she'll talk back, argue or simply just think I'm stupid or I 'Don't understand'. For now, when I dance and sing along Backstreet Boys while she's eating her lunch, she's happy and highly entertained. Win!
On our holiday we realised how much red suits Lileeva! She had this nice tan, dressed her in red shorts and top with a red hair clip and there she was, the little stunner. Better keep this in mind for the next shopping spree.
I also noticed the other day that she can't sleep properly without her elephant teddy or teddies. She needs at least one of them to chew on, and when they both were in the washing she gave me so much grief during nap times. It's like she doesn't care that she has at least 20 other teddies, a few of them are pinks as well. No, she needs the elephants.
At least she already knows what she wants, eh?

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