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Saturday, 19 May 2012


On Sunday we went out to see my mates and quite an amount of people got together. Szabolcs and his sister Anita, Flóra and Luca. Everyone was mesmerized by Lileeva whom handled the cooler weather much better than the heat.

 Monday we stayed in due to hangover and tiredness, even though we supposed to meet with Szabolcs's mum whom I haven't seen for years. Shame on us.
Tuesday we headed out in town again, ending up in Arriba with lots of people once more. Makes me utterly happy that so many of them are interested in us, well, mainly in Lileeva. I know of myself it's difficult to hang out with friends whom newly became parents but by the look of it my mates don't find it frustrated but fun instead.

Went out Wednesday too to catch up Alma for the last time, we saw massive gold fishes and tiny duckies in Milleneáris. Not sure if Lileeva was amused though haha. We all got really tired so split early.

Spent Thursday at home with packing then flying back home.
Again, Lileeva was an angel on the flight! We didn't even feed her at all cause she was asleep the whole time. Well proud!
It was nice to have a holiday, but all of us were relieved when arrived home, even Lileeva was all smiley, recognising the flat and sleeping in her own bed.

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