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Thursday, 3 May 2012


I really don't know what's been happening the past couple of weeks.
Everything seems so important at the time, but when I get here, they all seem to be forgotten.
The major thing is that Lileeva is sitting pretty much by herself now. She still wobbles a bit, and throws herself back or front (Heavy head, she has.) but she is kind of stable now.
I put her on follow on milk a week ago, she's doing good. Doesn't poo 4 times a day anymore hah! She didn't like the 6 months+ bottle teats though, I reckon it has something to do with the quick flow, it always drips in her mouth, even without sucking and it must've annoyed her.
She's also well interested in finger food now, last week she stole Alfie's biscuit! (Then chocked on it, of course, making me close to having a heart attack.)

 Since Lileeva is getting bigger (Almost 6 months!) we went out with Lee and bought her some nice grows and clothes. Believe it or not, this is the first time we had to buy essential stuffs, thanks to our friends and Louise. Surprisingly we ended up with quite a bit of pink gear in our bags. Ah well, what can one do, that seems to be her favourite colour so far, always chooses to cuddle the pink teddies and so.
We started to use the nappy cake nappies on her, which are Wilkinson's own brand (Meaning: Cheap nappies.) but she doesn't look too fussed. Only using it for sleeping and when we take her out though. My only problem is that it ain't stretchy but hey, as long as she's happy in them, and has no nappy rash... Still, Lee doesn't want to chance it, so we will keep buying Pampers, after all we don't use much and we don't mind paying for quality.
By the way Laura said, as she heard, if your water breaks in Mothercare or Asda, you are getting free nappies for life! Damn, should've been hanging out there more...
We are off for a holiday next Wednesday, started to look forward to it. Apart from the flying. That one screaming baby on the flight, that always one screaming baby on the flight! I'm dreading it.
The main issue (Besides feeding from a bottle.) when we are out, is the sleeping situation. She's only able to fall asleep when laying flat, alone, preferably covered with a blanket. (I'm well happy about this independence though, on a long run.) Now, it's alright, when we are in Wetherspoon, on a couch, after a 20 minutes over-tired screaming session she gets used to the noise and can fall asleep. But clearly won't be alright on a flight where she has to be sitting up for almost 3 hours. Sigh.

We keep getting chatted up on the street, by the way. Random people pay compliments, how gorgeous she is, and oh her eyes! She is lucky to have the good bit of genes of ours, I suppose.

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