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Saturday, 12 May 2012


We got to Budapest safe and sound.
The journey was better than any of us expected. Woke Lileeva around 0445 am, got her changed quickly and fed her in the cab on the way to Luton. There we had bit of a trouble though, only cause I left my phone in my back pocket while walking through security, so we beeped in. Therefore both me and Lileeva got full body searched haha! Shame Lee's phone was going through the X-ray at the time, so no photographic proof.
No problems of taking more than 100 ml of liquid with us, I just had to taste them.
Flying was amazing, Lileeva didn't cry, didn't even moan! We fed her while taking off, then she was playing with Pepper Pig and that's about it, even dropped off before landing.

Left the cold, rainy London and arrived to the cloudless, sunny Budapest in roughly 30*C. Boom!
My mum and nan was overwhelmed to say the least.
We weren't planning on going out the same day, but the weather was awesome so we hit up Arriba, the mexican restaurant I used to work at and even my long lost close friend Szabolcs has turned up to see us for half an hour.
I once again got proven how fucked Hungarian's mentality are. While me and Lee used to get dirty looks regarding our tattoos and piercings, when we're with an adorable baby, at least 5 random people chats us up daily on public transport, to congratulate and assure us how gorgeous Lileeva is.
On Thursday we went out too, even though it supposed to be our stay in, nana-nanny-Lileeva bonding day. We hit up Margit Island with my mum, rode the bringóhintó (A Flinstones like 3, 6 or more seater bike thing.) had some food then me and Lee went to the other Arriba to show off the lady to other friends of mine.

Friday we met Alma, who's my oldest friend of 13 years and had a buff BBQ outdoors.
Today we supposed to meet with Lee's old workmate Zoltán, who not long ago moved back to Budapest but he hasn't got in touch with us, so just wandered in the city instead.
The weather just cooled down now, it's quite windy and possibly will be rainy by tomorrow so I really don't know what the plan is.
All in all I'm quite greatful, don't think Lileeva loved this heat much, even though we got her a sunhat and she wasn't wearing vests under her tiny dresses, she still looked hot most of the times. Upside is that she loved taking her milk cold! Eases my life big times, will see if she carries on with it in a cooler weather too.
She was only fussed the first night cause of the new atmosphere after a long ass day, and to be honest, not all of us are comfortable sleeping different places. We let her sleep with us in the bed, but she's fine now in the travel cot, luckily.
Apart from that, I'm happy to say that she copes well, getting more and more used to everything and everyone and we even managed to stay in routine, which was a big worry of mine. Yay!

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