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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


No, it's not getting easier with time, although the problems from the first couple of months do disappear, but there are others taking the empty places.
We don't anymore have to worry about wind cause Lileeva burps by herself. Not much of a stomach ache either, of it does happen every now and then we know it's cause of the amount and thickness of solids she's eating so we can work on it.
Speaking of which, we have a new routine again! I might have taken it too far this time, but Lileeva doesn't seem to mind, in fact she didn't even notice. She used to have 3 bottles and 3 pureed meals a day, but I cut down for 2 x 240 ml bottles now, one straight after waking, one before bed. So now she's eating only every 3 hours and I'm not worried of leaving the house for longer cause I can take jarred food with me, no hussle of warming the milk up and so. (No, she doesn't take the milk cold, unless it's a really hot weather.) I'm still making a couple of her meals with formula, so she has the recommended 500-600 ml milk intake daily.
We even started to brush her two lonely teeth on 18th Friday or 19th Saturday, can't remember when exactly.

She had bit of trouble with her bum when we were in Hungary, but it was more likely caused by the combination of heat (And sweating.) and her rabbit poo nuggets. We are now using baby powder on her so the problem is solved.
She also rolled over yesterday from her belly to her back, twice! I haven't seen it and she's not willing to repeat it, but Lee says Lileeva was well surprised with herself.

My main problem nowadays is that she's doing something which looks like she's manipulating us, real bad. I feel just as angry as I felt the first couple of months. Pointless fucking screaming and I do wonder about stuffing a ball made out of newspaper in her mouth. No, she's not that baby you have to have in your arm 24/7, we were watching that matter carefully from the very beginning. She's alright with sitting or laying alone, but don't we dare turn our backs and leave the room for a second cause she starts off! Not moaning, not crying... Forced screaming it is.
Done a research about it and been said that at this age they can't manipulate, it's more likely to be separation anxiety. Basically a phase in life, when she realises that I am not her and she is not me anymore, that she is an individual little person... Who's vulnerable therefor freaks out when I disappear cause she doesn't know whether or not I'll return. Make sense really, it just really is annoying, I can't go to the toilet without having her crying, damn it!
I feel pretty shit now of shouting at her, if this is the case really, not the manipulation.
No, I won't be carrying her on me all the time. Instead I'll try and tell her every time I leave the room, that I'm going to be back, and when I return I'll give her a hug and tell her I love her. Hope it works.
It's proper hard, especially cause the only times she's alone (Apart from night time sleeps which we don't have problems with, knocking on wood.) are during the days Lee's asleep, before his night shifts. Sucks much?!

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