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Saturday, 10 March 2012


The best ever thing is seeing your baby wake up happy like this every day.

Baby yoga was a bit weird yesterday, not sure whether or not Lileeva liked it. It was about doing stretches and balancing exercises, just as rolling her over, dancing with her and having her laying on her back, putting pressure on her feet and doing walking movements. Kind of like getting her ready for things she'll be doing soon. She got a bit cranky by the end, can tell she is daddy's girl, prefers to just lay there and get massaged than to actually do bits haha! (Pffh... Like I'm the active half of the family! Hah, no way!) Will give yoga another try next week but we might just be sticking to the massage if it doesn't go down well.

I have another productive day behind me, went to Argos to pick up the blinds and baby monitor for her room, then to Tesco, then to Lee's parents to chill a bit in company instead of on my own. We got given a bouncy chair, she was crying a little when put her in it but she does it every time something new comes in her way. Eventually she got used to it, so that's that, we have a new toy to keep her entertained vertical too.

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