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Friday, 9 March 2012


Lileeva has been really moany lately. No matter whether or not she slept through the night she's been crying for 4 days, pretty much all afternoon.
Might be cause she haven't done a poo for a couple of days, or she's teething or maybe both.
Put her amber crystal necklace on her the other day, it's supposed to be good especially for teething but had to take it off after a few hours cause it seems to be too long and knowing her wiggling activity I'm scared it'll choke her. Anyway, it's hanging on her cot now with the rest of her calming crystals. Will be buying a lidocaine based teething gel soon see if that helps cause she doesn't seem to be interested in the chewy gel based refrigerated toys. Either way, if it's not her teeth it still will come handy in the close future.

I took her to her first ever baby massage on Wednesday! I dragged Lee with myself since I'm crap meeting with new people but it was pretty much dead anyway... Least I had company! Should've taken photos of her really, while Lee was cracking on the massage. She seemed to like it, even though it tired her out to the max. She even done 3 (!) poos that day so it definitely works haha!
Hitting up the baby yoga today!
I supposed to have Kali and Loki coming over but they cancelled the last minute cause she's alone with both of her kids at the moment. Anyways, I think it's the first session of the yoga class (Held by the woman doing the massage.) so everyone's going to be 'new' not just me. Yay!
I also finished painting Lileeva's room yesterday. It's all done, the furniture to! Only bits to correct (An hour work tops.), do the outlines (Lee's job.) and order the baby monitors and put the blinds up (Matter of money.) then it's ready to move in!
By the looks of it Lileeva will have her very own room by next weekend!

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