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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Sorted out Lileeva's 0-3 clothes last night. Thought they were still alright, but putting her in the 3-6 ones made me sure it was time for the change.
The sizing is a bit screwed though. She's 4 months and still fits in 0-3 clothes, while her new hat is size 3-6 and way too big, fitting Alfie perfectly, who's 10 months.
Was a hard job, I have to admit. Keeping a few for the next one and giving out quite a bit. Since we are keeping only unisex clothes and giving most pink and girly out we had the usual conversation with Lee, saying we probably (Definitely, knowing us.) will have a girl next as well.

On another note, by the look of it I'm one of the many having side effects from the contraception implant. I had it put in my arm on the 25th of January, on my first 'real' period after pregnancy, then I was a couple of weeks late and now I'm on my period for over a week now. Not heavy period, but still...
Ah well, hopefully it stops soon, and stops for good. Until the implant expires in 3 years anyway.

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