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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Booked our holiday for Budapest finally. We'll be going between the 9th and 17th of May. Not quite sure I'm ready to spend lots of time indoors with my parents but hey...
The little stroller has arrived today as well, ordered it from eBay, it's tiny, light and folds. Hopefully will be enough for Tenerife, even though it only has one, sitting position. If we're lucky Lileeva will be able to have little naps in it while we are out and about.

Since Lee is trying to give up smoking too, I had him carry Lileeva around for short trips. Even though he doesn't look pleased, he admitted of loving it.
As of smoking; I've been out the Friday before and got well drunk and had packets of fags as they come hand in hand. After that haven't touched any, even though I'm well tempted every now and then. So far it's 11 days... Sure I'll be able to do it, after all wasn't really smoking when I was pregnant either.
Lee is cutting down too. He is trying to only smoke rollies at work and don't at all smoke at home. See how long it lasts.

Went to Lou's today. On the photo Alfie and Lileeva doesn't look too different anymore even though they are! While Lileeva mainly lays, has bottles and sits up every now and then with her wibble-wobble head, Alfie's crawling away, picking things up he not supposed to, chewing 'real' foods with his teeth and drinking tea. This is 6 months, such a difference at this age!
By we go to Tenerife, Lileeva will be this age and will do all the above. Can't yet picture it to be honest.

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