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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Lileeva still not so keen on apple puree. She likes banana, sweet potato and pear though.

I can't wait to have her in her own room, mostly cause of her than cause of us. I usually put her down after a bath and bottle around 10pm, then I go and have a bath, maybe watch some telly or just geeking away, but since our door is quite noisy I usually disturb her when I go to bed myself.
Same with Lee coming home from work around 0730am. Not helping that I usually wake up for Lee anyway since being a light sleeper, and I'm ill nowadays so as soon as I wake up I start to cough (Horrible dry cough, the worst I must say, which you can't do fuck all with.) waking Lileeva up too.
We took her into her room already, just to introduce the colours and the new space and I think she likes it, having good old look arounds every time.

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