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Saturday, 17 March 2012


Kali and Loki came around yesterday. The babies were smiling at each other while we were having a cuppa and a chat, it was beyond cute!
Then we went to get Lileeva's last lot of jabs done. She wasn't too happy obviously, but as soon as we left the GP she stopped crying. The nurse said I shouldn't feed her solids until 6 months cause of the many fat babies and obese people in the UK lately. My ass. She weight her and she's average with her 6.34 kg ~ 13.9 lbs. At 4 months girls weight supposed to be between 13 and 15 lbs and she's bang on the middle, so I'm not too worried.
Babies supposed to be chubby anyway, and lose most of their fat when start crawling.
She's not there yet by the way, hates tummy time too so it's hard to get her to even roll, but is definitely on the move. The other day found her on the floor crying (Mainly in surprise than pain.) cause wiggled her way down from the sofa. Nowadays when I have her sitting/laying on me she pulls herself up and drops herself face first on the sofa. Doesn't yet know how to use her hands or push herself up so usually starts to moan for help, but hey, that's how she learns.

Her room is done now, only the ceiling which we are having trouble with but that will be finished next week as well.
The Disney lot has downloaded finally, after 5 months of waiting, so I'm watching one cartoon every night with her. She's not really interested yet, but I'm enjoying myself and that's still better than to watch some violent action movie in front of her.
We ended up having Sky as well. Not too bothered, in fact quite happy about it. Cbeebies done my head in (Crap children shows all day long.) while Boomerang shows all the oldschool goodies, like Dexter's Laboratory, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Tom and Jerry and so on.

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