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Wednesday, 27 March 2013


We booked our Rome accomodation on Monday night. It took a while to choose a good enough place.
We had a budget, obviously, which wasn't the lowest by the way.
I wanted a central location so we didn't have to take public transport daily. The weather's going to be amazing and we will still have the pram so are planning to walk to pretty much everywhere. I wasn't too fussed about having a pool or included breakfast. However, we definitely in need of an extra cot, because Lileeva fidgets a lot so there is a chance she would roll off of the bed while asleep. I also wanted to have either an en suite or private bathroom, which is, as surprising as it may sounds, isn't the easiest to find. What we choose isn't an apartment, so doesn't have a kitchenette, but hopefully will have a fridge in the room where we can store some soya milk for Lileeva's night time bottles and well, for some morning coffees for me. It's located about 5 minutes from the Colosseum and has bit of a hippie atmosphere. Was surprised about Lee liking it too haha!
It wasn't expensive at all, in fact around the lower end of the price range, free cancellation in case we changed our minds plus all fees to be payed on our arrival. The manager has already contacted us within a day after our booking, offering a cheap-ass cab service from and to the airport, answering all our questions (Yes, they have a cot and a fridge in each room.) and providing a link for the weather forecast! We seem to hit the jackpot.

On another note, I'm still struggling with Lileeva's terrible twos. I'm simply unable to distract her every single time she throws a tantrum, which is mainly attention seeking anyway, or a fit due to taking something dangerous off from her. Sigh.
She keeps proving how clever she is as well. I don't just big her up because she's mine, others have mentioned it too, plus I see children around her age in baby groups quite often and they seem to be fooled easier than her. Example? Since she likes to chew on wires and playing with my phone, when I put it on charge I have a 'secret' hiding place for it... I had, for about a month. Now every time I for example let her play with my phone, when she got bored, she nicely places it to its 'secret' place. I never use that space, unless I'm charging my phone because well, it's super out of my way. We are also unable to play magic tricks with her anymore, because she instantly knows where to look for her 'magically disappeared' toy, regardless it's being under the sofa or behind our backs, she just knows.
Also, Lileeva's hair is long enough now to tie up in a pony tail, plus she nicked one of my horror themed hairband, with an eyeball on the bow. The pride of raising such an open minded child!
I love her so much!

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