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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Hello period! One less thing to worry about, woohoo!
I'm really not surprised about the confusion my body had go through the past years. All the horrible things I put in it for years (Unhealthy food, alcohol, nicotine... Just to name a few.), then suddenly stopping a couple of years back, just to have the healthiest pregnancy I could possibly have. Then the high hormone dosed thyroid medication and contraception. Then the lifestyle change (Healthy food, less alcohol, no nicotine.), then withdrawing the contraception, then starting to exercise... No wonder my system is like 'What the fuck, woman?!'
Anyway, mother nature is striking, and I'm happy about it for once.
I can sleep fairly alright lately as well. I've given up on diet coke and ta-daah my sleep has improved. I drank copious amount of that stuff, no really, I have.
Just to rub it in; I feel super accomplished today as well. I finally got my arse on gear, stopped making up excuses, put my negative attitude aside and invested in things that will help me in my future career. The rest of my tiny savings is to be spent on my health and that oh-so-mentioned new workout routine. Being a superstitious chump, I don't want to jinx neither of the above, hence the reason I'm talking in riddles instead of stating what job I'll be going for and what workout I'll be doing.
I'm really determined and happy with myself, yes, regardless this bloody snow storm at the end of March!

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