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Wednesday, 6 March 2013


A mixture of thoughts ahead.
I have some seriously irregular periods since the implant has been taken out. Either that, or I have lost them. It's been a while, I mean it's March and the past 4 months I only had two. It only bothers me because we decided on another baby, so... Then again, it will happen if/when it should, and my system probably just still adjusting to my new diet and exercise plan, and/or my thyroid functions might be changing at last?!
An outsider who met me, Lee and Lileeva for the very first time said Lileeva looks a lot like me! For once! I got used to keep hearing how much she used to look like Lee, but lately people are noticing the similarity between me and her too, and it makes me happy.
Lileeva is back on having two naps a day again. Not sure how I feel about it, but as long as it works for her, I'm easy. It just means we're missing out on baby groups, but since the weather is nicer I usually just take her out to the park after lunch, same as last summer. She wakes up around 07am lately, has a nap before lunch and has one after we are back from the park, before dinner.
She is also trying to talk a lot more, uses different sounds and words on purpose. She also knows the meaning of a lot of words, regardless she isn't able to say them.
I met a mum over the playground yesterday and we started to chat while pushing our daughters on the swings. Her little one is coming up to 3, she was obviously walking, talking and was very aware of things around her. For this reason, I was shocked when her mum started to explain to me that her previous couple (Twins.) were conceived via IVF and the one swinging 'was just an accident'. What?! I would never in a blue moon would call Lileeva an accident. I even hate using the term 'unplanned' because as soon as we found out that I was pregnant, we were planning her. Nor would I say something like this out loud in front of her! Well baffled!
Lee is planning a family day out for us on the weekend! We probably are going to a farm and maybe having a little picnic if the weather is nice. Proper happy about it, and the fact that it was his suggestion. It just shows he really does care. Some of my friends with kids are having great difficulties with their partners, and no efforts seems to be paid by their other halves. I know that we have hard times with Lee every now and then, but he always seems to care, and tries to make things work too. It's all been gayly good lately though. I'm a happy bunny.

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