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Thursday, 14 March 2013


Lileeva is back on having only one nap a day again, which makes easier to plan our days ahead. Since there are no groups for my liking on Thursdays, I took her out to the park after breakfast, then being a lazy ass mum, we just stayed in the afternoon watching cartoons.
I popped in a good old Disney classic, The Lion King. 1994! That was 19 years ago, and I remember it's coming out! Damn, didn't it make me feel ancient!
By the way, another outsider mentioned on Wednesday's baby group, that Lileeva looks just like me. Finally! I know she will go through many changes, but I was a bit upset keep hearing she didn't look anything like me, after giving birth. Surely my all-over-the-place hormones back then didn't boost my self esteem either haha! Just to be clear: I didn't at all mind the fact, what bugged me was that people kept rubbing it in. Ah well, here you all go.
I'm going to Birgit's toddler-mummy party tomorrow afternoon, having a baby-free Saturday because Lee is taking Lileeva to see aunty Louise and her cousins, then it's baby rave time on Sunday! I think I convinced another couple of mums to come and meet me there. I'm really looking forward to get to know these ladies outside the baby groups.
Me and Lee had a chat a few nights back and he made a subtle hint that he wouldn't mind having more kids. Plurality! It made me really happy. Mainly cause I remember, around half a year ago I had to seriously work on convincing him in favour of starting to try for a second, and then his reply was 'Alright, but I think regardless whether it's a boy or a girl, we should stop after the second. I don't want to be one of those couples whom keep trying until they get the gender they want.' which I was absolutely fine with.
I'm honestly O.K. either way. I wouldn't at all mind having a big(ger) family, in fact I think I'd quite enjoy it. But at the same time, I'm 100% happy with what I've already got and having only Lileeva would mean she could have all my attention.
They are my little world.

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