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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Last weekend's camping was wicked!

Lee and his workmate Steve went to the campsite after their shift on Friday evening, while us girls joined them on Saturday afternoon. It was possibly the worst timing though, as was it just wouldn't stop raining all day. And I mean storm like proper rain. Needless to say, we got soaked. The camp wasn't even set up properly by the boys either, as they got drunk the night before. Ah well.

So our first night weren't amazing, but I enjoyed myself with a company of an entire bottle of Southern Comfort and Steve's brand new camping table and chair set, which I managed to fall onto and collapse it. Three times. Ho hum.
Lileeva slept surprisingly good in the tent next to me. I unfortunately can't say the same, but I'm slowly getting used to being non-stop sleep deprived anyway.

Sunday we were mainly wandering around in the forest, built our campsite properly and cooked. And drank. That was the official night we all supposed to get hammered, but I couldn't due to Saturday's madness. Lee, however, got smashed very quick and fell through the now fixed garden table, head first, and broke it proper haha!

Monday us three we went for a last walk, while waiting for Steve and Sabrina to wake up, then started to pack things up, pretty much straight away. Left around 02pm ish.
All in all, I enjoyed myself, and I'm pretty sure Lileeva did as well. She loved running off in the woods, picking flowers and berries and, of course, jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa.
And this weekend, we are off to Rome.

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