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Sunday, 26 January 2014


I'm still alive!
It's not so easy to keep up with a blog (Or anything for that matter.) when you have a toddler.
Not even sure where to start...
Christmas, New Year and our mid-January trip to Budapest, plus the Rome-Budapest trip back in September... These will take place in a separate, photo filled entry. (When I can be bothered going through all my photos.)
Lileeva still isn't potty trained, but is definitely getting the idea of it. She keeps saying 'Wee-wee', pulls her pants down and sits down on the potty. In her nappies, and usually after she's done a wee, but hey, slowly but surely.
She understands everything, but still only replies in English. Lileeva isn't much of a talker comparing to other kids at her age, but she copies us and learns new words daily. She says 'Please!' and 'Cheers!' and uses other words purposely too.

As of me; I've been having bit of a mid-life crisis thing going on. Not only turning 27 recently and seeing more and more of my close friends becoming successful in their jobs and/or studies, but not getting pregnant again made me realise this is the time to sort my life out, no more tiptoeing around the subject. Long story short; I've recently enrolled to a college course. When I finish it, will enrol for a couple of others, and by the time Lileeva is school age, I will hopefully have all the qualifications I need to get a full time job. A job, I actually love and can practice for years.
That's it, a very brief update on our lives as of now.

(Note to self: When there is time, also sort out all the previous -and wrong- tags.)

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