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Friday, 25 July 2014


That's Lileeva, pretty much potty trained.
It was Father's Day, when she decided she rather use the potty than her nappy. We didn't push her, we didn't say anything about it. Something just clicked in her.
Going even further, for the past week or so, she didn't even use her potty, but is doing her business on the 'big girl's toilet'. She places the kiddie seat, drags the step, closes the door, sits up, does her thing and wipes herself. She can't flush the toilet (Chain tank.) and we obviously have to sort her out after number #2's, but that's the least to worry about! We even go out in knickers, and squat in bushes if the urge is great, only using nappies for naps and night time sleeps.

She is also very active, less fussy when it comes to food, and asks for fruits as snacks, instead of sweets. Maybe all this contributes for her losing a bit of weight from her belly. She's never been a fat kid, but her tummy is definitely shrinking.
Only issue I have is her constant tantrums. It's getting ridiculous and way too frequent lately. She bites, kicks, pinches, punches, scratches, shouts, screams... The entire package. Most of the times for no reason, or because she can't take 'No' as an answer. Hopefully she'll grow out of it soon, because it's madness.

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