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Saturday, 15 March 2014


After my concerns about the health visitor's accountability on Lileeva's speech and diet, we went to see both a speech therapist and a dietitian this week. Everything is fine luckily.
The dietitian was even surprised and impressed with my knowledge on the subject. She said everything I'm doing is fine, it's only a matter of time for Lileeva to snap out of her picky habits and start to eat more variety of foods again.
The speech therapist said the similar, apparently Lileeva will be starting to talk 'properly', in sentences within the next few months. For our happiness with Lee, she started to sound 'I love you too' lately. Bless. Also saying 'Okay' a lot, instead of simply 'Yes' and 'No's haha!
I also started to potty train her, which seemed to be a nightmare at first, but she got the hang of it quite quickly, and after an afternoon of puddle-wiping, she managed to do a wee in her potty.
Just so to get ill the day after, so we are back in the nappies again... Either way, I'm hopeful.
We decided with Lee, that we will have no more children. Not at this moment of time anyway. We wouldn't manage the stress, and we rather stay together than to have more kids and separate.
Maybe, just maybe, when things have settled and Lileeva is at school and we both have the desired job we want, we maybe bring the subject up again.
Until then, it's all about our one and only Lileeva-chops.

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