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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Lileeva is in nursery since the 6th of January. And she loves it!

She has been accepted in a nice, somehow hidden pre- and primary school, which I had high hopes for. It isn't the closest to our flat, but I'm glad I listened to my mummy-instincts, and put her name down for it, when I did.
The home visit took place at the beginning of December, and it went super smooth. Her teacher then gave me a list of tasks to focus on, in general, after school time, which help the kids' development. Things like letting her dress herself, name bus/house numbers, let her help with preparing food and so on. She's already been doing them all, so was no doubt she was 100% ready for nursery.
I chose the afternoon class, in the hope of daily lay-ins, and frankly, I don't like rushing around on the mornings. Plus, that's when I usually crave some peace and quiet, and it was also time for her to lose the afternoon naps. The first couple of weeks we had trouble with this though, she would still take a late nap, after school, which I had to wake her up from, in the name of being able to sleep through the nights. Tantrum always followed, driving me up the walls, but this week, she managed to drop the naps, and rather have a lay-in on the mornings... So all in all, the plan has worked!
Lileeva is everything what Lee and me are not. She loves to socialise, makes friends easy, very open and confident, and makes everyone laugh. I hope she grows up to be the same as an adult, I'd never want her to experience anxiety and low self-esteem.
Her teachers are very fond to her too, she's bubbly and -majority of the time- listens to them, and also is very bright when it comes to stories and shapes. However, she's not so great with word recognition yet, but is able to write her name if guided.

Her vocabulary is expanding day by day, and she already has picked up a great deal of good habits.
I'm very happy for her, so far it looks like this school was a good decision. (Massive weight off my shoulders!)

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