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Friday, 4 November 2011


Been to the hospital today to see the midwife. I had to wait quite some time but it definitely worth it.
She spent about an hour with me, asking questions and answering to mines. She as well suggested to stay home as long as I can when I'm in labour. Given me the numbers to call when the time has come, and explained if neither me and the midwife on the phone weren't sure what's going down they might would want me to go in to the hospital, but if I'm not much dilated they'd just send me back home. Still, can't imagine how am I going to notice that I'm in labour?! Ah well...
She had exactly the same problem like the woman seen me the week before though; Couldn't find Lileeva to listen to her heart haha! This time I knew there were no problems, cause she might be quiet and shy during the day but is always fidgeting for long around bed time. Anyways, she ended up calling a doctor who brought the scan machine and found the little monster straight away. Weird though how neither of us could tell where she was, touching my bump. I mean it's big, and baby is big and fully baked too, all they could figure that she was head down (Still not engaged. Sigh.) but not the body...
Turns out she's mostly curled up on her side. We are kind of like side-to-side (If there is a back-to-back, there is a side-to-side too I assume. In my dictionary there is, anyway.), her head is below my tummy, her spine is along my right side and her bum is under my right boob, leaving her little legs and arms on my left side. (This made me realise how big she is!) Makes sense; That's where I feel the punches and kicks most of the times, while only feeling her little hiccups when laying on my right. The doctor said her position is perfect 'coming out' position and I have a good amount of water on the left side for her which means my placenta still works good. Yay!
I made an early appointment for next Wednesday the 9th to get the sweep done, I do hope it works pretty much straight away and can have her on Friday. (I know, I'm selfish with this date thing haha!)
If she won't be coming by next weekend either, I have to go back and do the induction procedure the week after... Fingers crossed there won't be need for that though.
I have everything ready, but still feel a little unprepared. Feels like I forgot something... I have my music sorted, have my oils mixed, even have a bag of snacks (Crisps, chocolate, lollipops, fruits, water and energy drinks. Prepared much?!) in the fridge ready to throw on top of the bag. All I have to do is double-triple check the hospital bags, and write a list to Lee what I need him to whack in them the very last minute, like slippers and toothbrush and stuff.
I can't wait to hold her finally, but looking at Lee, I think he is even more excited about meeting with her at last, he can't stop talking about her! Aww I love my family so much!

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